Emma’s Book Signing event this Sunday 

A sincere thank you to all FHS volunteers who make the Fallasburg pioneer village functional and accessible to all.


Come and chat with author Emma Palova of Shifting Sands Short Stories in the beautiful historical setting of the 1850s pioneer village of Fallasburg this Sunday from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Palova is a lifelong history buff with a passion for politics. She has been writing human interest stories for the regional media for more than two decades.

See her July 5th story”Lowell Ledger reporter pens book of short stories” in the Lowell Ledger.

“Real people with real passion inspire my short stories and all fiction,” said Emma. “It is the human passion in conflict with reality that feeds my fiction and journalism.”
“I admire hometown characters in face of adversity,” said Emma, “such as the lack of funding, youth involvement and time commitment. ”

Some of the FHS volunteers  like Addie Abel inherited the passion for history from parents, Tina Cadwallader from her aunt antique collector and Ken Tamke who spent his childhood in the Fallasburg pioneer village.

“You will see the same people involved over and over again in many different community organizations,” Emma said.

I admire these volunteers who work hard to preserve history for future generations as reflected in the Fallasburg Historical Society (FHS) campaign, “The next 50 years of Fallasburg. ”

And then, there comes hope in the next generation of historical buffs and professionals like Calvin College interns Katelyn Bosch and Brianne Lynn, who helped digitally catalogued artifacts for the FHS over the last two years.

It is the vision, the passion and the synergy of all that keeps the Fallasburg village and other historical venues in the area alive.

Come and see for yourself this season.

The one-room schoolhouse museum is open on Sundays from 2 pm to 4 pm through September.

Our next event is the Fallasburg village bazaar in September.

Emma does social media marketing for the Fallasburg Historical Society and other historical networks.

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A great day @Fallasburg 

It was a picture perfect day for the 23rd Annual Covered Bridge Bike Tour as the cyclists streamed into the one-room schoolhouse museum to register this morning. 

“We’re on target,” said Tina Siciliano  Cadwallader, vice-president of the Fallasburg Historical Society (FHS) in regards to registrations.

Treasurer All Rumbaugh said the number of participants will be comparable to last year.

The majority of cyclists took the 50-mile route. 

“We’re coming back for the spaghetti dinner, ” said Brian Perry of Waterford. “That’s why we came here. I saw it online.”

The one-room schoolhouse museum is open on Sundays from 2 to 4 pm. Visit the historic village this summer. 

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23rd Covered Bridge Bike Tour starts @Fallasburg 

The scenic bike tour through the beautiful countryside with registration from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. at the Fallasburg one-room schoolhouse museum is this Sunday.

Come and join us for a day of fun with a great spaghetti dinner finale at the Misner House.

You get to pick your route and your adventure.

For more info on the bike tour go to http://www.fallasburg.org


23rd Annual Covered Bridge bike tour

You can register online for the bike tour on July 9 at the Fallasburg Historical Society website at:


For more info contact FHS president Ken Tambke at kentamke@comcast.net

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Aug. 5 Soiree cancellation

The Farmhouse Soiree on Aug. 5 has been cancelled.

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FHS president’s summer message

Summer at Falasburg pioneer village

Dear friends and visitors,

Summer is almost here as spring winds down.  It’s been a busy and productive time in the pioneer village for the Fallasburg Historical Society. (FHS)  March and April showers have in fact brought May flowers, but the rains also delayed our much-needed roof replacement on the Fallas House.

fallas ken headshot
FHS president Ken Tamke

Through the benevolence of the late Harold Englehardt of Lowell and his bequest, the Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s Lowell Area Community Fund, awarded monies to FHS to get the job done in what we hoped would be mid-March.  Mother Nature strikes again, yet Villagers and volunteers came to the rescue.  Craig Wood’s young crew scaled the slippery slope and patched new critter invasion routes which just seemed to appear as soon as we got the last ones secured.  Not to worry.  The weather did improve and Risner’s Roofing & Home Improvement of Lowell installed a beautiful new roof.  Thank you, Grand Rapids Community Foundation, Lowell Area Community Fund, Risner’s, and timely help from Village volunteers.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Fallas house roof
New roof on John W. Fallas House

Speaking of timely help, Fallasburg Historical Society’s Calvin College History Department Intern, Brianne Lynn, under the direction and mentorship of Lowell Area Historical Museum’s Executive Director, Lisa Plank, has completed her term assignment.  Brianne has brought FHS ever closer to having all their accession pieces (the stuff that people donate, and the treasures we acquire) digitally cataloged in a wonderful software program and website developed by the Lowell Museum’s software guru, Jeff Ostrander.  The site, “The Past Online,” allows anyone with a computer, tablet, or smart phone to access documents, pictures, and artifacts that comprise our collections, for research, or just out of historical curiosity.  Have a look: www.thepastonline.org

And, while you’re surfing check out www.fallasburg.org  Last December, FHS engaged Addorio Technologies, LLC, of Lowell, to redesign and launch a new website.  The first steps were to create basic “Home” and “Contact” pages for the Society which went live in January.  The subsequent work, the fun part, has been in development and has just gone up on our site. This work comes courtesy of the Lowell Cable Television Endowment Fund which awarded FHS a grant for the implementation of additional Internet pages.  These pages will highlight and provide a means for registration and payment for “Events” like the upcoming 23RD Annual Covered Bridge Bike Tour on Sunday, July 9, and the Fallasburg Farmhouse Soiree on Saturday, August 5.


On another Internet page, you’ll find links to other organizations like “The Past Online,” Lowell Area Historical Museum, and the Fallassburgh Flats, our Vintage Base Ball Team.  Of course, there’ll be a “Photo Gallery” page with four seasons of village pictures and historical tidbits.  But, the page I’m most excited about is “History’s Mysteries.”  Every museum has them, pictures you can’t identify of people and places, artifacts that baffle-what is that?  Well, Fallasburg has their share, and you’ll be able to play history detective.  We’ll put them up on the site, and who knows what might happen.  Thank you to Addorio, and the Lowell Cable Television Fund.  Technology is daunting to us old-schoolers, but you’ve helped us broaden our horizons and share our resources as only technology can do!

Lowell Community Expo at Lowell High School in late March brought together Fallasburg Historical Society legends Ed Roth, Dottie Blain, and Addie Tower Abel, along with current FHS Treasurer, Alan Rumbaugh, Board Members Melanie Brim and Tracy Worthington, all as goodwill ambassadors from the Village.  The group was out to make new friends and so they did.  A local Boy Scout, John Lothian, in pursuit of his Eagle Scout Badge wants to follow up on our new roof and paint the Fallas House for his community service project.  Recently retired from Grand Valley State University, Communications Specialist, Mark Kuzee, stopped by. He has relocated to the Lowell Area with his wife Sue, has a penchant for woodworking, and finds exciting the challenges of maintaining historic properties just like our man of many hats, Alan Rumbaugh.  We’ve already pressed Mark into service making custom siding patches for critter holes in the wildlife refuge we call Fallasburg Village.

Misner bikers
Register online for the 23rd Covered Bridge Bike Tour on http://www.fallasburg.org

Spring cleaning in Fallasburg was undertaken in several Saturday morning sessions.  Tina Cadwallader polished up the Schoolhouse and got it ready for Murray Lake Elementary School’s 1ST Grade Class visit.  Alan Rumbaugh, Lisa Sostecke, Mark Kuzee, Frank and Patty Brechbiel and even Fallasburg Intern, Brianne Lynn spiffed up the Misner House filling a dumpster.  And, yours truly recycled what amounted to the evolution of the personal computer: old monitors, keyboards, CPU’s, printers, and yes, mice, too.

Fallas museum tour
FHS volunteers Tracy Wprthington and Tina Sicialiano Cadwallader inside the Misner House during the Spring into the Past tour.

“Spring into the Past,” a creation of the Tri-Rivers Museum Network on the first weekend in May is a collaboration of what has grown to 41 local museums that share the geography of three rivers. The Flat, the Thornapple, and the Grand Rivers roughly define a boundary.  All FHS museums were open for the weekend as were other network museums, free of charge, with regional tours encouraged.  Fine weather and sunshine insured a steady stream of visitors and the Fallassburgh Flats, FHS’s Vintage Base Ball Team initiated their 2017 season with an intra-squad scrimmage on Fallas Field.  For more information on the Flats and their season schedule: www.fallassburghflats.com

On Monday, June 19, 2017 at the Lowell Chamber of Commerce, 7:00 p.m., FHS will hold our Annual General Meeting.  This is an opportunity for our members to have a voice and our friends to offer an opinion.  Most importantly, it’s a chance to get for all of you to get involved!  We can’t do it without you!  We hope you’ll come out and join us!





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Memorial Day 2017

We remember those who served from Fallasburg on this Memoral Day.

It was a beautiful day to walk the groomed grounds of the cemetery at the Fallasburg pioneer village located above the historic settlement. 

The veterans’ graves were decorated with flags, and some had the US star designating World War II veterans.

The oldest grave was from the civil war belonging to Colonel Rummel. 

Up front by the fence is the village founder John W. Fallass grave and his wife Phebe.

World War II veteran’s grave

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Spring into the Past museum tour 

It was a great weekend for history during the annual Spring into the Past museum tour. Organized by the Tri-River Historical Museum network, the tour covered more than 30 museums in five counties.
Following are some highlights from the tour.

Tri-River Museums

It was a great weekend for the Spring into the Past museum tour that took place on May 6 & May 7.

More than 30 museums from five counties of the Tri-River Historical Museum Network participated in this signature annual event.

Following are some highlights from the  Bowne Township museum, the one-room schoolhouse and from the Fallasburg pioneer village.

For a complete list of Tri-River Historical Museums network go to:


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