Bazaar vendor map

Here comes the Fallasburg village bazaar

Here is the vendor map for the upcoming Fallasburg village bazaar this weekend located inside the Fallasburg Park at the 1830s pioneer village.Just cross the Covered Bridge and step back in time. Also included is the village map. The park is three miles north of Lowell, Michigan.

Map of vendors at the first annual village bazaar.
Map of vendors at the first annual village bazaar.

Why not become a member of the Fallasburg Historic Society to help preserve the pioneer village for future generations? Email FHS president Ken Tamke at

Map of the pioneer Fallasburg village.
Map of the pioneer Fallasburg village.

Here is a list of the vendors:

Fallasburg Village Bazaar set for Sept. 19th & Sept. 20th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. welcomes the following participants:

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Hubbert’s Kettle Corn – Home of the famous Unicorn Poop – Steve & Becky Hubbert

Kettle corn, cinnamon corn, caramel corn, cheese corn, Hubbert’s mix corn,

unicorn poop, frozen lemonade, jumbo pretzels w/cheese and bottled water

 Finger Stuck Felts – Kay Backstrom

Wool sculptures made from wool, using needles and wood-burning creations

Kathie’s Roadshow – Kathie Hollebeck

Womens jackets and tops, embellished sweater coats, scarves/jewelry and

deco mesh wreaths

Ava-Del Designs – Christine Dexter

Mixed media jewelry and crocheted hats

Mystic Mehndi – Jillian Hawkins/Jamie Shakleton

The service of applying henna to the body as a temporary “tattoo” – done on site with

aftercare instructions provided

Kropf’s Creations – Scott and Linda Phillips

Slabwood paintings, fabric jewelry, scarves, polished stones, coasters,

log wood furniture and magnets

Thunder Storm Rose Metal Art – Robert Rose (AKA “Franky”)

Recycled welding artist – taking salvaged and scrap metal objects and turning it into

artistic sculptures to be used as yard art

Rock art by
Doug and Marcia 

Rock art by Doug & Marcia
Rock art by Doug & Marcia

Rock candle holders, rock oil burning holders and necklaces made of shell rock from        Tennessee – all in its natural shape, cleaned and sealed.  Candles are also available for purchase

Shabby Chicnanigans – Michelle Emaus

Architectural salvage items and upcycled, shabby furniture and home accessories

Lowell Crew Team

 White’s Bridge Historical Society

 more still to come…

On Saturday only, there will be the final game of the Fallasburg Flats Base Ball team.

Featured photo is by Bruce Doll.

For more information on the village go to

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