Social media: Facebook

Here is something that I put together for the board and the membership of the Fallasburg Historical Society (FHS) about Facebook status. Please share this with all. It’s also applicable to anyone who has Internet.
Social media: Facebook
The most popular social media platform is Facebook. However it’s far from being the only one. Although it may be the most user friendly, Facebook moves a lot of data while twitter limits posts to 140 characters. It does allow for pictures. Recently, twitter has merged with LinkedIn, the biggest professional career social media site.
Both have news feeds based on your friends or followers.
Anything you post stays on your wall or timeline. You can check other people’s timelines to see what they have been up to.
Fallasburg Covered Bridge
Fallasburg Covered Bridge
To open an account on Facebook go to Enter your email and pick a password. And you can start posting. The most effective posts are short and with photos. Pick anything you like your experience from Fallasburg village, recent or old. I streamline the posting but I will need your help to make the social media campaign Fallasburg Today most efficient.
Posting on Facebook pages and groups
Fallasburg has both a page and a public group. The group is called Fallasburg Today.
You post on fb pages as a visitor in the left column and you post on the group in the main column. The difference between the page and the group is in number of posts by the entire group, so the group page is more dynamic because of the large number of people posting. You have to have a Facebook account to post. I approve the posts so nothing inappropriate appears there.
Again you can post anything remotely about Fallasburg. I first took the route of asking people for submissions, photos and memories, but that wasn’t efficient at all.
One of my Internet gurus taught me that efficiency on the Internet is a game of numbers. Large groups of people will post a large amount of info.
Plus it leads to new connections as well as old ones. That way a donor or a sponsor may emerge from the crowds. According to an Internet webinar, each follower or a friend transfers into a $1.
It is also important to follow the Fallasburg Today blog at for the same reasons of sharing and spreading info. The blog has sharing buttons, so you share the info  on your Facebook and twitter. It’s like a large organized machinery that works.
If you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on 
I’ve condensed the information that I have learned over the last three years into this brief statement. And I will share more.
 I’ll talk about twitter and mobile apps next time.
Thanks to all for your help and for sharing,
Emma Palova
Oct. 23, 2015
freelance writer based in Lowell, Michigan
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