Social media: twitter

By Emma Palova

Lowell- I was on twitter first before Facebook because someone recommended that it is a good social site for writers. I am trying to remember my first tweet. I see that right now I posted 1,212 tweets since 2008.

I probably introduced myself. My first profile photo was on a beach under a palm tree with a margarita. Once I started with WordPress, I changed it to a photo in front of a computer in my studio.

WordPress automatically publicizes short links on twitter, so I forgot about the whole thing until this past summer.

I had to set up a twitter page for the Fallasburg Historical Society. I almost forgot how to do that. Much like Facebook you enter an email address and a password and set up your profile. Twitter now allows for photos, but still the number of characters is limited to140.

Actually one of my first encounters with social media was at a meeting at the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce at 8 a.m. The publisher sent me “to spy.”

I immediately liked what I heard that Facebook is like a cocktail party, while Linkedin is like a business meeting. I wonder what they said about twitter. Maybe a birds’ nest.

Today, I use all three and more to market my work and other people’s info. It’s bizarre how social media work in circles with the info returning back to you.

For example I posted on twitter “Visit Fallasburg Today” with hash tag #Pure Michigan on their page.

Taz Painter posted on twitter: “Visited Fallasburg on a beautiful Sunday on Nov. 1” with hash tag #Pure Michigan. I reposted Painter’s tweet on Fallasburg’s Facebook page and got a response from Ronald & Peggy Topolski that Ronald went to the one-room schoolhouse. I’ll be doing a story with Mr. Topolski.

Twitter is very efficient in data delivery even if it may seem a little confusing at first.

“I don’t know anyone who’s on twitter in Lowell,” said Fallasburg park manager Doug Wilbur.

“Well, now you do,” I answered laughing.

And then Wilbur found his own twitter account.

My husband Ludek Pala recently joined in too to get Tunabear Internet. At first I struggled a little bit with the hash tags, but then I got it from TV from Access Hollywood.

Which one is my favorite social media?

It depends on what I use it for. WordPress publicizes on everything including Google +, Pinterest, Tumblr and Linkedin once you connect these services.

I use twitter often for Fallasburg and myself.

I also manage five Facebook pages and two public groups Writers Loop and Fallasburg Today.

People ask me how often to post? To keep everything connected at least once a week.

Definitely content because as they say content is the king.

How about the biggest challenge in blogging?

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