Happy New Year 2016

I would like to wish all a great 2016 on behalf of the Fallasburg Historical Society (FHS). Become a member in 2016. Make a difference, help us preserve history of the pioneer 1830s village into the future.

Share our vision and campaign Fallasburg Today with your friends. Spread the good news.

My good news is that recently Bene Hofmann, a German student of architecture contacted me via the FHS facebook page. He will be building a model of the Fallasburg Covered Bridge for his school project.

Hofmann picked the Covered Bridge out of many covered bridges in the USA based on the structure and color of wood. It’s needless to say that we are ecstatic about this.

Our message of historic preservation for future generations has travelled beyond the borders of the USA. It will take on physical shape in Linz, Germany.

We’re hoping that the German model will inspire others in their projects. And ultimately that it will bring visitors to this hidden gem.

Connect with us on twitter @fallasburg #fallasburg2016 and on facebook.

For more information go to http://www.fallasburg.org


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Merry Christmas

I  would like to wish everyone happy holidays on behalf of Fallasburg Historical Society. May peace and kindness prevail in this world.

Best wishes into 2016 and beyond.

Fallasburg village
Fallasburg village

The FHS vision

The next 50 years of historic preservation

We’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of the West Central Michigan Historical Society, now the Fallasburg Historical Society (FHS). These organizations have been preserving the pioneer tradition of the 1830s village of Fallasburg since 1965.

fallas ken headshot
FHS president Ken Tamke

It began with a vision of a restored village and its Covered Bridge, and now only the Tower Farm preservation project remains for the vision to be complete. It ends with our families being able to enjoy it in 2015, this picture postcard from the past.

“It’s our heritage, we just have to pay it forward,” said FHS president Ken Tamke.

Beginning the second 50 years, it’s never been easier for members, guests, friends and visitors to connect with us on the technology path.

“Comments and participation are always welcomed and encouraged,” Tamke said.

One room schoolhouse
One room schoolhouse

Fallasburg is now on Facebook. Join the conversation on twitter @fallasburg #fallasburg and on WordPress at Fallasburg Today on http://fallasburgtoday.org. Visit our website at http://www.fallasburg.org and subscribe to our e-newsletter Fallasburg Today.

Coming in 2016, after collaboration with the Lowell Area Historical Museum and a Calvin College department intern concludes, the FHS artifacts and documents will be digitally cataloged with collections available for examination by everyone from scholars to school kids.

New this year was the Fallasburg Bazaar that we will continue to develop. Our signature events are: Christmas in Fallasburg , the Covered Bridge Bike Tour and Schoolhouse Open Sundays. All these events could use more volunteers.

The Tower Farm Preservation Project will need help from skilled building trades as we move through 2016.

Please help launch 50 more years of historic preservation and education efforts by renewing your membership in the Fallasburg Historical Society today. And don’t forget to include your e-mail address.


Ken Tamke

FHS president

Patronize our sponsors Main Street Inn and Vergennes Broadband.

Main Street Inn in nearby Lowell.
Main Street Inn in nearby Lowell.


Vergennes fiber
Vergennes fiber

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Year in review 2015

FHS launches Fallasburg Today social media marketing campaign

By Emma Palova

Fallasburg, MI- I am very happy to report the results for 2015. I got on board with the Fallasburg Historical Society (FHS) in August 2015. But, before that I wrote a story about “50 years of historic preservation of Fallasburg” on EW Emma’s Writings.

I had known about the anniversary since 2014 when I got an invite from FHS president Ken Tamke to the signature event. The annual Christmas in Fallasburg party is a special treat and a fundraiser.

New signs in Fallasburg
New signs in Fallasburg

My task was to market the first annual village bazaar in September. So, I did on twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Pinterest, Google + and Instagram.

The village bazaar will continue to develop into the future since it does have potential of growth, according to FHS president Ken Tamke.

In September, 20 people came to look at the pioneer buildings in the village.

I started the first E Newsletter Fallasburg Today on Oct. 1 that launched the campaign. The public group Fallasburg Today on Facebook is up and running and doing very well. It has 161 members and more asking to become members on daily basis. The FHS now has pioneer sponsors, Main Street Inn based in Lowell and Vergennes Broadband.

A Fallasburg Today mobile app is ready to go to the stores.

The Tower Farm circa 1850 in Fallasburg.
The Tower Farm circa 1850 in Fallasburg.

I would like to officially thank the many people who have helped with the content. Whenever I consult blogging and writing, I always say the biggest challenge is not the technology but the content.

“You will eventually run out of things to write about.”

Well, maybe I have changed my mind on that one because I have just completed a 30 Day Content Challenge by Learn to Blog. The challenge has increased followers on everything. I felt the need to write even after the challenge was over.

In order to be successful on social media, you must have a constant stream of data and regular postings. It’s a lot like volunteerism. You can never have enough volunteers.

Natures Serenity by Linda Krops Phillips & Jerry Kropf.
Natures Serenity by Linda Krops Phillips & Jerry Kropf.

Even Santa needed his helpers, the elves.

Social media marketing does work in its own bizarre circles when the info comes back to you in a different form.

I had heard back from people who lived in the village of Fallasburg and those who went to the one-room schoolhouse. I got some awesome shared photos like the one with the horses crossing the Covered Bridge.

The stories do keep coming in.

The annual Christmas party on Dec. 12 was a success. People enjoyed camaraderie and good food.

Christmas in Fallasburg
Christmas in Fallasburg

I am looking forward to 2016 with hopes and expectations, both personal and professional. Here’s a list.


1-Continue the Fallasburg Today social media and e-campaign.

2-Consolidate my business Emma Blogs, LLC and expand it.

3-Continue to write memoir “Greenwich Meridian.”

4-Market all my writings including fiction, stories & screenplay.

5-Participate in webinars and challenges.



1-Enrichment and growth.

2- Meditation and yoga.

3- Learn new things.

4-Regroup and refocus.

5-Spread the good news.

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December newsletter

All good news

By Emma Palova

Lowell, MI- All is good again on the Western front. The Christmas party in Fallasburg  last week was a success. We enjoyed good food and company.

New people came to the party, as well as old timers. I ran into many friends like Tamela Spicer and Dave Emmette.

The December E newsletter Fallasburg Today is in your inboxes. Add fallasburg50@gmail.com to your address book. Check your junk folders.

Sign up for it on this site. Thanks to Fallasburg Historical Society for a great year 2015. Looking forward to 2016.

Check us out on http://www.fallasburg.org and join our public Facebook group Fallasburg Today. Join the conversation on twitter @fallasburg #fallasburg.

Stay tuned for FHS president Ken Tamke’s vision for the next 50 years of historic preservation.

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Christmas in Fallasburg

A vintage Christmas in pioneer village

By Emma Palova

The holiday tradition of gathering in Fallasburg goes back many years.

“In  general, rural communities like ours would get together in their respective versions of the schoolhouse to celebrate,” said Fallasburg Historical Society (FHS)president Ken Tamke.

In 2006, when Tamke took the helm,  the FHS switched  from having a catered wild game meal at the Fallass House to the new format at the schoolhouse for financial reasons.

“We lost money on the catered party,” he said.

Christmas in Fallasburg
Christmas in Fallasburg

I’ve been going to the Christmas party at the one room schoolhouse for a few years now. It is always a good time. Dottie makes the famous Christmas buffet and people bring dishes to pass.

Last year, somebody brought pickled asparagus. I am going to share Emma’s garden mix also known as gardiniera.

The buffet features excellent meatballs, grog and wine. Hawks & Owls play Christmas music for all. And a roaring bonfire caps off the evening.

“Our schoolhouse dressed for the holidays once again stands ready to welcome you,” said Tamke.

Fallas Christmas (2)
Inside one room schoolhouse.

The Christmas party is scheduled for Dec. 12 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. It is always capped off by a roaring bonfire.

A $20 donation is requested from adults. Everyone is invited.

Come, cross the Fallasburg Covered Bridge into the past, present and future.

Join the conversation on Facebook, twitter @fallasburg #fallasburg #Christmas in Fallasburg.

“The party brings the immediate community, neighbors and friends to together which is what we are all about,” said Tamke.

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