Hello 2016

FHS president greets 2016 with optimism

As we begin the second 50 years of FHS’ existence, it’s never been easier for members, guests, friends, and visitors to connect with us on the technology path.  Fallasburg is now on Facebook.  Join the conversation #fallasburg2016.  We’re also on Twitter @fallasburg and on WordPress at Fallasburg Today on http://fallasburgtoday.org

fallas ken headshot
FHS president Ken Tamke

Of course, you can visit our website, www.fallasburg.org  and subscribe to our e-newsletter Fallasburg Today. But, our social media campaign, website, and newsletter are just a few of the things we’re excited about as we move ahead into the new year.

As part of a collaboration project between the Lowell Area Historical Museum and Calvin College History Department, an intern from the college will digitally catalogue FHS artifacts and documents in February.

Everyone from scholars to students and school kids will be able to examine our collections when it’s finished.

You can chat with us at Lowell Expo as we man our table at this wonderful community event on March 26, 2016


April is winter cleanup time.  We’ll be preparing for Tri-Rivers Museum Network’s “Spring into the Past” event in early May.

Mark your calendars for April 30 and May 1, 2016 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. This year’s theme is “Quilts- A stitch in time.”

Fallasburg village museums: the one-room Schoolhouse, the Misner House, and the Fallas House will be open to the public for free tours throughout the weekend as will 16 other local museums in the network.  There is never a better time to get a glimpse or our rich regional history.

On the heels of “Spring into the Past,” the Murray Lake Elementary School first grade class will get their glimpse at history as they pay the village another visit for a primer course.  And, the Fallassburgh Flats, our 1860’s style Vintage Base Ball team begins seasonal play on Fallas Field.  For information and schedule when available, contact the Flats at:  fallassburghflats@gmail.com

Fallassburgh Flats
Fallassburgh Flats vintage baseball team

On Sunday, July 10 all roads lead to Fallasburg Village…  If you’re on a bicycle that is.  The 22NDAnnual Covered Bridge Bike Tour takes to the streets for our signature event and chief fundraiser; the legacy of our dear friend and board member, Larry Martin, who dreamed the whole thing up back in 1994.

September offers a chance to catch up with FHS once again at the Lowell Area Arts Council’s, Fallasburg Fall Festival of the Arts in Fallasburg Park.  We’ll be on the south porch of the Pavilion as we have been for 40+ years.

Venture across the Fallasburg Covered Bridge on Fall Festival weekend and check out the Fallasburg Historical Society “Bazaar” featuring more arts, crafts, and treats.  Just several steps away you can take in some of the action on Fallas Field as the Fallassburgh Flats host the John Wesley Fallas Invitational Vintage Base Ball Tournament.  Four vintage teams will play a round-robin with games all day Saturday.

In October, we’re planning a secret Halloween event, but that’s all I can say now.  Details will be un-cloaked later…  Ghosts in Fallasburg?

Cap off 2016 with “Christmas in Fallasburg,” our community celebration at the Schoolhouse and in adjacent Fallas Field on Saturday, December 10 from 6-8PM.  Come help us toast another year of preserving historic Fallasburg Village!

Happy New Year!

Ken Tamke

FHS president


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