Fallasburg Bridge Model

Fallasburg model bridges across cultures, traditions

By Emma Palova

Here is the story of German student of architecture Bene Hofmann. Hofmann will be constructing a model of the Fallasburg Covered Bridge as his school project in Linz.

The Fallasburg Historical Society is extremely excited about the project that will spread the word about historical preservation beyond the borders of North America.

Hofmann will be using the blueprints from the 1994 bridge rehabilitation project provided by Wayne Harrall of the Kent County Road Commission. 

Kent County Road Commission blueprints.
Blueprints for the 1994 rehabilitation of the Fallasburg Covered Bridge.

In our first semester subject structure workswe had the opportunity to choose a wood or loam building which significantly presents an interesting type of truss work and then build a model of it. I really wanted to choose a bridge, because I admire the way these structures deal with physics.

Fallas Bene Hofmann
Bene Hofmann

My professor was once in Michigan and told me about the beautiful covered wooden bridges in this area. He told me about his experience when he rode in a coach through one of these covered bridges.

Fallas bridge b&w

“The sound impression you get riding over the boards in these long covered bridges is incomparablehe said. “And of course, they present a really effective and an intelligent truss.”

So, next thing I was doing was searching on Google for covered bridges and the one I liked the most was the Fallasburg Covered Bridge, the way its built and its scenic setting. It  perfectly conveys the atmosphere of a traditional historical bridge. Thats why I chose this bridge for my project.

Before my studies I was traveling to Australia, Asia and South America (sadly not North America.)

I think the most beautiful thing about  these  places is their tradition, reflected not only in buildings, but also in food and behavior of different nationalities.

The Fallsburg Covered Bridge is a really nice and authentic example of what I imagine as a typical rural building. Therefore I think it should get a lot of attention.

The Fallasburg Covered Bridge, built in 1871, was listed with the Michigan State Register on February 12, 1959. It was awarded a Michigan Historical Marker on September 10, 1971 and was listed with the National Register on March 16, 1972.
Directions: From Ada, follow M-21 to Lowell. Turn north on Hudson Street, which becomes Lincoln Lake Avenue. Turn east on Fallsburg County Park Road. Follow the signs.

For more information on the bridge to to http://www.fallasburg.org

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