Fallasburg offers tours to students, groups

Fallasburg reaches out to the community at large

By Emma Palova

Fallasburg, MI- In an effort to raise awareness about ongoing historic preservation at the Fallasburg village located three miles north of Lowell, the Fallasburg Historical Society (FHS) offers tours of the village by appointment.

Murray Lake Elementary students at the Fallasburg school.
Murray Lake Elementary students at the Fallasburg school.

On Wednesday this week, the Fallasburg one-room schoolhouse came alive with children’s voices. First graders from Murray Lake Elementary sat at the desks and listened to the stories of the past. Volunteer Mike Organek went to the school along with Addie Tower Abel, Ronald Topolski, Dottie Blain and many others. The most popular teacher at the time was Mrs. Zona Postma.

At the time, students had to use the outhouse outside and in winter, the wood stove heated the building. The bell in the belfry announced the start and the end of a school day.

Learning the ropes inside the belfry.
Learning the ropes inside the belfry.

Students Layla Wilks and Weston McFarland especially liked the miniature model of the village located in the community room, and the belfry.

“Our school is much bigger,” said McFarland. “I would come back here.”

The program for first graders has been going on for at least 10 years, according to Organek. This year, 69 students participated in the field trip.

“It goes well with the curriculum,” said teacher Karen Eldridge. “The kids learn about the past, present and the future.”

Follow Fallasburg on social media. Put Fallasburg on your calendar as one of many hidden gems in Michigan that you can visit.

The 22nd annual Fallasburg Covered Bridge Bike Tour will take place on July 10th with registration from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. To pre-register go to http://www.fallasburg.org.

The schoolhouse is open on Sundays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. until October.

In front of the Fallasburg schoolhouse museum.
In front of the Fallasburg schoolhouse museum.

Call or e-mail to schedule a tour of Fallasburg on the FHS facebook page.





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