Spring into the Past museum tour

 “Spring Into the Past” and bring the family to tour the small museums of the Tri-River Historical Museum Network in Barry, Eaton, Ionia, Kent and Montcalm counties on May 6 & 7.

“Youngsters will be amazed at how folks got along without all of today’s technology and older folks will enjoy reminiscing the good old days,” said publicity director Judy Gager.

New signs in Fallasburg

 “Fashions through the Ages” is this year’s theme as more than thirty member museums or historical societies roll out their red carpet to show off the unique history of their communities. 

Fallasburg pioneer village located three miles northeast of Lowell is one of the 30 participating museums this year. The quaint village is waiting to be discovered. The one-room schoolhouse will open for the season on Sundays from 2 to 4 p.m.

Inside @fallasburg
Ghost hunters inside the Fallasburg schoolhouse museum last October.

 During this annual event museums are open the first Saturday/Sunday in May from 11 am to 5 pm for your convenience.  Visit our website for descriptive information and a handy map to plot your tour beforehand or get a booklet at any of the museums. 

For more information on the Fallasburg Historical Society (FHS) as it readies for the new season at the village and the annual Covered Bridge bike tour on Sunday, July 9 go to:


Visit TriRiver on Facebook, too. http://www.addorio.com/TriRiver/TriRiverMuseumNetworkspringintopast.pd

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3 thoughts on “Spring into the Past museum tour

  1. J Gager

    Good job, Emma. Thanks so much for promoting our event. Kudos to Fallasburg for all the things they are doing to bring forth the history of the area. Judy Gager


  2. Reblogged this on emmapalova and commented:

    Explore the “Spring into the Past” museum tour to celebrate spring and history. You will step back into the past, as the museums deck out their interiors with fashion of the past.
    It is the best time to tour the communities nestling on the three rivers; Grand River, Thornapple River and the Flat.
    The five counties make up the West, Central and Southwest regions of Michigan.
    You can also do some morel mushroom hunting in the nearby forests. It is the best time to visit Michigan as the nature and the communities come to full blossom.
    Thank you for visiting with us,
    writer and nature lover


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