Emma’s Book Signing event this Sunday 

A sincere thank you to all FHS volunteers who make the Fallasburg pioneer village functional and accessible to all.


Come and chat with author Emma Palova of Shifting Sands Short Stories in the beautiful historical setting of the 1850s pioneer village of Fallasburg this Sunday from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Palova is a lifelong history buff with a passion for politics. She has been writing human interest stories for the regional media for more than two decades.

See her July 5th story”Lowell Ledger reporter pens book of short stories” in the Lowell Ledger.

“Real people with real passion inspire my short stories and all fiction,” said Emma. “It is the human passion in conflict with reality that feeds my fiction and journalism.”
“I admire hometown characters in face of adversity,” said Emma, “such as the lack of funding, youth involvement and time commitment. ”

Some of the FHS volunteers  like Addie Abel inherited the passion for history from parents, Tina Cadwallader from her aunt antique collector and Ken Tamke who spent his childhood in the Fallasburg pioneer village.

“You will see the same people involved over and over again in many different community organizations,” Emma said.

I admire these volunteers who work hard to preserve history for future generations as reflected in the Fallasburg Historical Society (FHS) campaign, “The next 50 years of Fallasburg. ”

And then, there comes hope in the next generation of historical buffs and professionals like Calvin College interns Katelyn Bosch and Brianne Lynn, who helped digitally catalogued artifacts for the FHS over the last two years.

It is the vision, the passion and the synergy of all that keeps the Fallasburg village and other historical venues in the area alive.

Come and see for yourself this season.

The one-room schoolhouse museum is open on Sundays from 2 pm to 4 pm through September.

Our next event is the Fallasburg village bazaar in September.

Emma does social media marketing for the Fallasburg Historical Society and other historical networks.

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A great day @Fallasburg 

It was a picture perfect day for the 23rd Annual Covered Bridge Bike Tour as the cyclists streamed into the one-room schoolhouse museum to register this morning. 

“We’re on target,” said Tina Siciliano  Cadwallader, vice-president of the Fallasburg Historical Society (FHS) in regards to registrations.

Treasurer All Rumbaugh said the number of participants will be comparable to last year.

The majority of cyclists took the 50-mile route. 

“We’re coming back for the spaghetti dinner, ” said Brian Perry of Waterford. “That’s why we came here. I saw it online.”

The one-room schoolhouse museum is open on Sundays from 2 to 4 pm. Visit the historic village this summer. 

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23rd Covered Bridge Bike Tour starts @Fallasburg 

The scenic bike tour through the beautiful countryside with registration from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. at the Fallasburg one-room schoolhouse museum is this Sunday.

Come and join us for a day of fun with a great spaghetti dinner finale at the Misner House.

You get to pick your route and your adventure.

For more info on the bike tour go to http://www.fallasburg.org