Memories made @Fallasburg

It was a great weekend at the Fallasburg pioneer village on Sept.16 and Sept.17.

Not only was it beautiful, but people came from far and near to reminisce about their school years at the Fallasburg one-room schoolhouse.

For Bryce Weeks, who went to the schoolhouse from 1954 to 1959, it was an emotional visit.

“We travel all over, but we’ve never been in here,” said Sharon.

His teachers were Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Denny.

The family once owned the John W. Fallass house.

It is with memories like these that the schoolhouse comes alive.

Down the road, just before the Covered Bridge, vendors came together for a weekend of fun.

The third annual Fallasburg village bazaar is growing with vendors and visitors.

“The setting is really great,” said Larry Roslund of BirdBrain Enterprizes. I will be back.”

Sandy Van Dyke of Sandy’s Fudge too said she will be back.

Other memories were made by Goose Elliott of Springfield, who was taking senior pictures at the schoolhouse.

“This is perfect,” Elliott said while snapping hundreds of photos.

“I always enjoy being here,” said one of the organizers Michelle Emaus.

The goal is to get more diverse vendors in, more traffic and improved signage.

And local author Emma Palova held her book signing of Shifting Sands Short Stories at the schoolhouse

“I had a really good turnout and people were buying my book,” Palova said. “Thank you.”

The one-room schoolhouse museum is open on Sundays from 2 pm to 4 pm

Come and check our old class pictures. You might find yourself in them.

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