A successful bike tour @Fallasburg

The 24th Covered Bridge Bike Tour delivers the best turnout in years

Fallasburg, MI – It was one of the best events yet, awakening the sleepy pioneer village of Fallasburg.

A total of 128 riders participated in tour through the Kent Country countryside on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

“Mother Nature was in full cooperation, and the 4th of July holiday fueled the Sunday ride becoming for many, one last activity after a week filled with fun,” said Ken Tamke, Fallasburg Historical Society (FHS) president.

Truly, it was nothing but fun for all ;the riders, the volunteers, the chefs at the Dave Misner House.

For Dennis Koval, owner of bike shop near Alma, it was the third year of touring the Fallasburg area.

“I like the bridges,” he said as he enjoyed his  spaghetti dinner.

Milton Boss of Holland was the first person who registered in person for the ride at 7 a.m. at the one-room schoolhouse.

“We had the best turnout so far, yet,” said Tracy Worthington during the walki-in registration.

The biggest increase was in online registrations; a sign of times. Ninety riders registered in advance and 38 riders  walked up, according to Tamke’s report.

The fundraiser generated gross $2715.78 for the historical preservation of the 1850s pioneer village founded by John W. Fallass. The net take was $1421.84.

“Thank you to all the riders who supported Fallasburg Historical Society’s cause for the continued preservation of Historic Fallasburg Village by registering for the 24TH Annual Covered Bridge Bike Tour, and thanks to all the volunteers who helped bring it off,” said Tamke.

However, the major component of success of the bike tour is safety.

“The number we’re most excited about from CBBT 2018 is zero,” said Tamke. “We had no injuries.”

There were a few mechanical mishaps: two ruptured tires and a broken chain, but no falls, bumps, bruises, or worse.

Well, some sore muscles to be sure Sunday evening.

For the past 9 years, FHS has supported the League of Michigan Bicyclist’s “$1 Per Rider” program which advocates creating a safer environment on our roads.

“We’re happy once to again to contribute in memory of our friend, Larry Martin, Board Member of FHS, and original architect of the Covered Bridge Bike Tour going back 24 years,” said Tamke.

Martin was out for a Saturday afternoon jaunt, unfortunately was hit and killed, on the eve of the 17TH Bike Tour.  He wanted to get a ride in because he was driving SAG the next day for CBBT.

The next bike tour will be a big one for FHS.  The 25TH Annual Covered Bridge Bike Tour-a quarter of a century!  The FHS is seeking your input and your passion for bicycle touring, and preservation of Michigan history.

And the extra perk: All the spaghetti, meatballs, garlic bread, salad, PB & J’s, fruit, cookies, Gatorade, and root beer you can consume.

Pictured in the featured photo are Scott and Lauren Earl with FHS board member Mark Kuzee.

Following are the upcoming FHS events:

4th annual Fallasburg village bazaar on Sept. 15 & 16 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We are looking for vendors. Contact Michelle Emaus at michelle_emaus@yahoo.com

We will have village haunting in October.

See you there.

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