Fallasburg one-room school.

In search of the Fallasburg past online

Searching for the Fallasburg past online

By Emma Palova

Note: This is the second part of a story about a former Calvin College history intern Katelyn Bosch. Bosch completed her internship at the Lowell Area Historical Museum and the Fallasburg Historical Society this summer.

Bosch has laid a foundation for future organizing and computerizing of the FHS artifacts dating back to 1839 when John W. Fallass came to the site.

Fallasburg, MI -The internship has strengthened the bond between the two like-minded organizations, FHS and LAHM, while collectively taking part in preserving, and disseminating the knowledge of the local history, according to FHS president Ken Tamke.

Katelyn Bosch at Fallasburg.
Calvin College intern Katelyn Bosch assisted Fallasburg with computerization of artifacts.

It is the hope that the project of cataloguing and digitalizing the FHS artifacts will continue through another internship.

“It’s been wonderful to experience the whole process of accessing the artifacts and to be the person touching them,” said Bosch. “I’ve enjoyed meeting all the people like Ken and Lisa, who are passionate about this. They were mentors to me.”

Bosch, who will study public history at the West Virginia University in a two-year program views history as an intellectually dynamic field.

“I like to see how people interacted,” she said. “The public history field is very interdisciplinary. It’s about culture, economics and political systems.”

That fits in well with Bosch’s love to travel. She took an off-campus program in Great Britain about British film and media.

“The Internet is the key to get publicity and to find out about history,” she said.

Bosch said she would volunteer again at the local small town museums.

The Misner House
History intern Katelyn Bosch helped organize FHS artifacts.

The Fallasburg village, although frozen in time, is moving ahead with its artifacts and pioneer stories coming alive due to modern technology. As such, the village stands at the intersection of two major study disciplines: strategic communications and history.

“It’s interesting how people will be looking to find historical documents in the right place,” Bosch said.

“The Past Online” project is currently under development, according to LAHM director Lisa Plank. “We will be making an announcement when it’s ready.”

However, in the meantime, a lot of historical facts, documents and pictures can be found on social media like Pinterest. You can go to Pinterest and put in the keywords Fallasburg or Fallasburg Historical Village, and you will find a collection of information pertaining to the village. You can also contribute your news and artifacts pertaining to Fallasburg.

Fallasburg one-room schoolhouse.
Calvin College intern Katelyn Bosch in front of Fallasburg schoolhouse.

Bosch said that the FHS needs to be as interactive as possible with the public.

“It’s a neat set up here already, you have the main town street preserved and the museum buildings,” she said. “The covered bridge is a huge asset to the village.”


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Year in review 2015

FHS launches Fallasburg Today social media marketing campaign

By Emma Palova

Fallasburg, MI- I am very happy to report the results for 2015. I got on board with the Fallasburg Historical Society (FHS) in August 2015. But, before that I wrote a story about “50 years of historic preservation of Fallasburg” on EW Emma’s Writings.

I had known about the anniversary since 2014 when I got an invite from FHS president Ken Tamke to the signature event. The annual Christmas in Fallasburg party is a special treat and a fundraiser.

New signs in Fallasburg
New signs in Fallasburg

My task was to market the first annual village bazaar in September. So, I did on twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Pinterest, Google + and Instagram.

The village bazaar will continue to develop into the future since it does have potential of growth, according to FHS president Ken Tamke.

In September, 20 people came to look at the pioneer buildings in the village.

I started the first E Newsletter Fallasburg Today on Oct. 1 that launched the campaign. The public group Fallasburg Today on Facebook is up and running and doing very well. It has 161 members and more asking to become members on daily basis. The FHS now has pioneer sponsors, Main Street Inn based in Lowell and Vergennes Broadband.

A Fallasburg Today mobile app is ready to go to the stores.

The Tower Farm circa 1850 in Fallasburg.
The Tower Farm circa 1850 in Fallasburg.

I would like to officially thank the many people who have helped with the content. Whenever I consult blogging and writing, I always say the biggest challenge is not the technology but the content.

“You will eventually run out of things to write about.”

Well, maybe I have changed my mind on that one because I have just completed a 30 Day Content Challenge by Learn to Blog. The challenge has increased followers on everything. I felt the need to write even after the challenge was over.

In order to be successful on social media, you must have a constant stream of data and regular postings. It’s a lot like volunteerism. You can never have enough volunteers.

Natures Serenity by Linda Krops Phillips & Jerry Kropf.
Natures Serenity by Linda Krops Phillips & Jerry Kropf.

Even Santa needed his helpers, the elves.

Social media marketing does work in its own bizarre circles when the info comes back to you in a different form.

I had heard back from people who lived in the village of Fallasburg and those who went to the one-room schoolhouse. I got some awesome shared photos like the one with the horses crossing the Covered Bridge.

The stories do keep coming in.

The annual Christmas party on Dec. 12 was a success. People enjoyed camaraderie and good food.

Christmas in Fallasburg
Christmas in Fallasburg

I am looking forward to 2016 with hopes and expectations, both personal and professional. Here’s a list.


1-Continue the Fallasburg Today social media and e-campaign.

2-Consolidate my business Emma Blogs, LLC and expand it.

3-Continue to write memoir “Greenwich Meridian.”

4-Market all my writings including fiction, stories & screenplay.

5-Participate in webinars and challenges.



1-Enrichment and growth.

2- Meditation and yoga.

3- Learn new things.

4-Regroup and refocus.

5-Spread the good news.

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Social media: twitter

By Emma Palova

Lowell- I was on twitter first before Facebook because someone recommended that it is a good social site for writers. I am trying to remember my first tweet. I see that right now I posted 1,212 tweets since 2008.

I probably introduced myself. My first profile photo was on a beach under a palm tree with a margarita. Once I started with WordPress, I changed it to a photo in front of a computer in my studio.

WordPress automatically publicizes short links on twitter, so I forgot about the whole thing until this past summer.

I had to set up a twitter page for the Fallasburg Historical Society. I almost forgot how to do that. Much like Facebook you enter an email address and a password and set up your profile. Twitter now allows for photos, but still the number of characters is limited to140.

Actually one of my first encounters with social media was at a meeting at the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce at 8 a.m. The publisher sent me “to spy.”

I immediately liked what I heard that Facebook is like a cocktail party, while Linkedin is like a business meeting. I wonder what they said about twitter. Maybe a birds’ nest.

Today, I use all three and more to market my work and other people’s info. It’s bizarre how social media work in circles with the info returning back to you.

For example I posted on twitter “Visit Fallasburg Today” with hash tag #Pure Michigan on their page.

Taz Painter posted on twitter: “Visited Fallasburg on a beautiful Sunday on Nov. 1” with hash tag #Pure Michigan. I reposted Painter’s tweet on Fallasburg’s Facebook page and got a response from Ronald & Peggy Topolski that Ronald went to the one-room schoolhouse. I’ll be doing a story with Mr. Topolski.

Twitter is very efficient in data delivery even if it may seem a little confusing at first.

“I don’t know anyone who’s on twitter in Lowell,” said Fallasburg park manager Doug Wilbur.

“Well, now you do,” I answered laughing.

And then Wilbur found his own twitter account.

My husband Ludek Pala recently joined in too to get Tunabear Internet. At first I struggled a little bit with the hash tags, but then I got it from TV from Access Hollywood.

Which one is my favorite social media?

It depends on what I use it for. WordPress publicizes on everything including Google +, Pinterest, Tumblr and Linkedin once you connect these services.

I use twitter often for Fallasburg and myself.

I also manage five Facebook pages and two public groups Writers Loop and Fallasburg Today.

People ask me how often to post? To keep everything connected at least once a week.

Definitely content because as they say content is the king.

How about the biggest challenge in blogging?

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Social media: Facebook

Here is something that I put together for the board and the membership of the Fallasburg Historical Society (FHS) about Facebook status. Please share this with all. It’s also applicable to anyone who has Internet.
Social media: Facebook
The most popular social media platform is Facebook. However it’s far from being the only one. Although it may be the most user friendly, Facebook moves a lot of data while twitter limits posts to 140 characters. It does allow for pictures. Recently, twitter has merged with LinkedIn, the biggest professional career social media site.
Both have news feeds based on your friends or followers.
Anything you post stays on your wall or timeline. You can check other people’s timelines to see what they have been up to.
Fallasburg Covered Bridge
Fallasburg Covered Bridge
To open an account on Facebook go to https://www.facebook.com. Enter your email and pick a password. And you can start posting. The most effective posts are short and with photos. Pick anything you like your experience from Fallasburg village, recent or old. I streamline the posting but I will need your help to make the social media campaign Fallasburg Today most efficient.
Posting on Facebook pages and groups
Fallasburg has both a page and a public group. The group is called Fallasburg Today.
You post on fb pages as a visitor in the left column and you post on the group in the main column. The difference between the page and the group is in number of posts by the entire group, so the group page is more dynamic because of the large number of people posting. You have to have a Facebook account to post. I approve the posts so nothing inappropriate appears there.
Again you can post anything remotely about Fallasburg. I first took the route of asking people for submissions, photos and memories, but that wasn’t efficient at all.
One of my Internet gurus taught me that efficiency on the Internet is a game of numbers. Large groups of people will post a large amount of info.
Plus it leads to new connections as well as old ones. That way a donor or a sponsor may emerge from the crowds. According to an Internet webinar, each follower or a friend transfers into a $1.
It is also important to follow the Fallasburg Today blog at http://fallasburgtoday.org for the same reasons of sharing and spreading info. The blog has sharing buttons, so you share the info  on your Facebook and twitter. It’s like a large organized machinery that works.
If you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on emmapalova@yahoo.com 
I’ve condensed the information that I have learned over the last three years into this brief statement. And I will share more.
 I’ll talk about twitter and mobile apps next time.
Thanks to all for your help and for sharing,
Emma Palova
Oct. 23, 2015
freelance writer based in Lowell, Michigan
Emma Blogs, LLC marketing