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Ghostbusters at Fallasburg

A ghost walk and a history lesson at Fallasburg

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Fallasburg, MI- It was a spooky Saturday night before Halloween at the Fallasburg historical village.

“Put your cell phones in the airplane mode,” advised Edwin Lelieveld, Michigan Paranormal Alliance (MPA) team member.

The Michigan Paranormal Alliance (MPA), the Fallasburg Historical Society (FHS) and their followers conducted a paranormal investigation inside the Fallasburg museum buildings.

“This has been two years in the making,” said Tina Siciliano Cadwallader, FHS event organizer.

Signing in @fallasburg
Tina Siciliano Cadwallader organized the paranormal investigation @fallasburg

Cadwallader put the first time event together as a fundraiser for the historical society.

The MPA started with an introduction inside the Fallasburg one-room schoolhouse museum. We filed behind the old creaking and squeaky desks much like the students did some 150 years ago. The classroom filled up and there was standing room only.

Inside @fallasburg
Ghost hunters inside the Fallasburg schoolhouse museum.

The ghost detecting equipment such as gauss meters, temperature gauges and nitrogen goggles laid on a separate table by the old piano.

The MPA team set up laser purple dot grids and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) equipment at each location of the paranormal investigation. That is the Fallasburg one-room schoolhouse, John Wesley Fallass House and David Misner House, all of which sit on the Covered Bridge Road. An MPA team member was at each location to interpret the recordings of the EVP sessions.

MPA @fallasburg
The Michigan Paranormal Alliance (MPA) conducts investigation @fallasburg

We divided into three groups, each led by an FHS docent.

My husband Ludek and I were in the group with FHS president Ken Tamke and Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) employees. We walked down the Covered Bridge Road lighting our way with flashlights. We briefly paused at the Tower Farm, better known as the Tower House. We could not go inside because of its dilapidated interior. The FHS is currently seeking funds to repair the Tower House.

“Two sisters lived here,” said Tamke. “It was normal at the time.”

Tamke said there have been reports of haunting at the Tower House.

Local resident Addie Tower Abel, who went to the one-room schoolhouse, said there has been a lot of activity.

“I know about the Tower House, I lived there. So, did my son, they saw a lot of activities,” Abel wrote on facebook.

Lie Kotecki of MPA conducted the EVP session inside the 1842 John W. Fallass house. The temperature gauge in the middle of the completely restored living room showed 66.6 F. According to the MPA, the temperature drops when ghosts are present causing cold spots. The ghosts also give out electromagnetic fields.

Inside John W. House @fallasburg
Lie Kotecki of Michigan Paranormal Society (MPA) conducts an EVP session inside the John W. Fallass House.

“Drop the temperature if you are inside the house with us,” challenged Lie.

The temperature dropped slightly to 66.2 F.

“Did you live in this house?” she asked. “We have no bad energy.”

The FHS president Ken Tamke explained the historical facts at each paranormal investigative location aka museum building.

“The furniture was built from the lumber out of a sawmill at Fallasburg,” he said. “Orwin Douglas built the Tower House and John Waters built the David Misner House.”

Native Indian collection @fallasburg
Native Indian collection @fallasburg

Back at the schoolhouse, Rosemary Leleiveld reported various ghost encounters.

“I felt a female spirit here,” she said. “Missy or Melissa…..”

But, Tamke said it could have been the ghost of Fallasburg resident Ferris Miller, who had died within the last five years.

“We have modern devices,” said Rosemary, “but we come with respect.”

The next EVP session followed at the Misner House. It is the most completed museum out of the Fallasburg portfolio, according to Tamke.

The MPA members usually turn off the lights for the sessions, although they have done EVP sessions in the middle of the day.

Inside Misner House @fallasburg
Michigan Paranormal Alliance members Peggy and Jason Kotecki listen to EVP recording at the Misner House.

“The atmosphere veil becomes thinner,” said Peggy Kotecki, MPA team member. “We use radio frequencies and cameras,” she said.

Jason Kotecki, IT engineer at VanAndel Institute, analyzed the EVP recording at the Misner House and reported about other findings. The MPA team conducted a session in Allegan.

“Have you been to the old Allegan county jail?” Jason asked.

“Not yet,” said Ludek Pala.

“Well, we heard a giggle there,” he said.

Peggy, a nurse at Spectrum, said that sometimes she questions her sanity.

“It’s mostly a boring thing to do,” she said. “We do a lot of recordings and a lot of listening. But, you go for the whole package and you relive it.”

During the EVP session, Peggy asked questions:

“What is your name? Did you live here? Did you have children? Did they go to the schoolhouse down the road?”

The MPA does not solicit business and the paranormal alliance does not charge for their investigations.

“The purpose of the investigation is two-fold,” Rosemary Leleiveld said. “We do ghost hunting and we have ghost hunting equipment at each location. You do a ghost walk and learn more of a history of a location. The architecture draws me in.”

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Year in review 2015

FHS launches Fallasburg Today social media marketing campaign

By Emma Palova

Fallasburg, MI- I am very happy to report the results for 2015. I got on board with the Fallasburg Historical Society (FHS) in August 2015. But, before that I wrote a story about “50 years of historic preservation of Fallasburg” on EW Emma’s Writings.

I had known about the anniversary since 2014 when I got an invite from FHS president Ken Tamke to the signature event. The annual Christmas in Fallasburg party is a special treat and a fundraiser.

New signs in Fallasburg
New signs in Fallasburg

My task was to market the first annual village bazaar in September. So, I did on twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Pinterest, Google + and Instagram.

The village bazaar will continue to develop into the future since it does have potential of growth, according to FHS president Ken Tamke.

In September, 20 people came to look at the pioneer buildings in the village.

I started the first E Newsletter Fallasburg Today on Oct. 1 that launched the campaign. The public group Fallasburg Today on Facebook is up and running and doing very well. It has 161 members and more asking to become members on daily basis. The FHS now has pioneer sponsors, Main Street Inn based in Lowell and Vergennes Broadband.

A Fallasburg Today mobile app is ready to go to the stores.

The Tower Farm circa 1850 in Fallasburg.
The Tower Farm circa 1850 in Fallasburg.

I would like to officially thank the many people who have helped with the content. Whenever I consult blogging and writing, I always say the biggest challenge is not the technology but the content.

“You will eventually run out of things to write about.”

Well, maybe I have changed my mind on that one because I have just completed a 30 Day Content Challenge by Learn to Blog. The challenge has increased followers on everything. I felt the need to write even after the challenge was over.

In order to be successful on social media, you must have a constant stream of data and regular postings. It’s a lot like volunteerism. You can never have enough volunteers.

Natures Serenity by Linda Krops Phillips & Jerry Kropf.
Natures Serenity by Linda Krops Phillips & Jerry Kropf.

Even Santa needed his helpers, the elves.

Social media marketing does work in its own bizarre circles when the info comes back to you in a different form.

I had heard back from people who lived in the village of Fallasburg and those who went to the one-room schoolhouse. I got some awesome shared photos like the one with the horses crossing the Covered Bridge.

The stories do keep coming in.

The annual Christmas party on Dec. 12 was a success. People enjoyed camaraderie and good food.

Christmas in Fallasburg
Christmas in Fallasburg

I am looking forward to 2016 with hopes and expectations, both personal and professional. Here’s a list.


1-Continue the Fallasburg Today social media and e-campaign.

2-Consolidate my business Emma Blogs, LLC and expand it.

3-Continue to write memoir “Greenwich Meridian.”

4-Market all my writings including fiction, stories & screenplay.

5-Participate in webinars and challenges.



1-Enrichment and growth.

2- Meditation and yoga.

3- Learn new things.

4-Regroup and refocus.

5-Spread the good news.

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